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"I was very pleased when I was assigned to direct my first SF film because I was still an avid fan. The more I did this type of film the better I liked it,
because the studio left me alone. Fortunately, no one at that time at the studio was an expert at directing SF films, so I claimed to be one.
I wasn't, of course, but the studio didn't know that. So they never argued with me."

- Director Jack Arnold -


    We figured that since we were going to be Motor City Nightmares next weekend, we'd get an update posted this weekend to hold you over. If you happened to be coming out to Motor City, please make sure you stop by our table. We will of course have copies of Hidden Horror as well as a few copies of Evilspeak. So make sure you stop by and pick up your copies! We had a blast there last year, so we're looking forward to doing it again.

    Speaking of Evilspeak, the cover of the 2nd issue has come out and once again, artist Don England has outdone himself with this wrap-around piece. The new issue should be out sometime in the next couple of months. Filled with tales of LADY FRANKENSTEIN, Hammer's TWINS OF EVIL, Paul Naschy, and much, much more. If you enjoyed the first issue, then you won't be disappointed with #2. And if you haven't picked up issue #1...why not? Get yourself a copy before they are gone. Just click HERE to order your copy.

    I recently started reading a new book on the Sci-Fi/Horror films of the '50s by Mark Thomas McGee and it really got me thinking. While these are traditionally called Sci-Fi movies, we've always knew they were firmly in the horror genre. I mean when you have a alien intruder or giant monster out devouring towns, sure sounds scary to me. But none the less, the point I wanted to make is that was a time when most of these films where not big budgeted films coming out with the biggest stars. But what they had instead of all that money was some extremely talented and creative people that were coming up with title characters from these films. Sure, they were guys in rubber suits, puppets super-imposed over the backgrounds, or large creatures created out of whatever materials they could find, but none the less they have a special charm to them. They were usually something that we had never seen before. And even watching them today, they are still unique in their designs that still make them memorable. Sure, they are not going to compete with effects of something like the title beasties from ALIEN or PREDATOR, but I still think they are effective, and even more so, enjoyable.
    But I also think it is something that is sadly lacking with a lot of today's filmmakers. They seem to take the easy way out instead of trying to find something really different and unique that will thrill and terrify their audience. Hopefully that fad will pass and things will change for the better.
    Take a look at some of the movies of that decade, and think of how cool looking those monsters are. The alien visitor from IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, the giant mollusk from THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORD, the tree monster in FROM HELL IT CAME, and the list goes on and on. Sure, there are a few that had more hype than bite, especially in THE GIANT CLAW, but they are still fun to watch and create some fond memories. Plus the fact, these films are great for younger fans in training. No need to worry about them seeing anything too terrifying or bloody with these. But you can start them off on the right path.

    Gee...another reference book on zombie films. Just what we need, right? do. Click HERE to get to our Book Review section to find out why you need this new book by Alain Silver and James Ursini.

    While on the subjects of reference books, we have a new title coming out on Dario Argento, called The Argento Syndrome, by Derek Botelho. Published by BearManor Media, the book covers all the Argento's films, written as part academic study but also having Botelho's personal input about them as well, including a set visit on the filming of SLEEPLESS. The book includes plenty of interviews with the likes of John Carpenter,, Tony Musante, Leigh McCloskey, Luciano Tovoli, and Asia Argento.
    Of course, it is a given that we will be adding this title to our collection. I mean, we all know that you can never have too many reference books, but especially ones on Argento and his work. There are both soft cover editions as well as hardcover editions available. For the soft cover, which runs $26.95, head over to BearManor Media by clicking HERE. For the hardcover version, which will cost you $36.95, just click HERE. And while you're over at BearManor, make sure you browse through their other titles that they offer. This place has a ton of great titles that are a must for any horror fan.
    The will be an in-store signing event next month at Dark Delicacies on May 18th at 2pm, where author Botelho will be there, along with illustrator Micah Mate, Sean Keller, David Del Valle, Vera Gemma, and Mick Garris. For more details head over to their site by clicking HERE.

    We have also posted our review of the newly remastered release of Jerry Goldsmith's score for PSYCHO II. Click HERE to get to our Soundtrack Reviews.

    Well, I have to say that I am very surprised that I got anybody to correctly identify our last Mystery Photo. And the main reason for that is that it is a shame that other people had to witness this terribly boring movie. It is the movie SCREAM. No, not the Craven one, but the 1981 slasher that has to be one of the most boring films I have witnessed in a very long time. Just terrible.  Even worse that after this opening shot of these little figures that I thought was pretty cool, it goes south right after that. So my main reason for using a shot from this movie was simply to warn readers NOT to watch this. As much as I hate to even say it, there are films out there that are truly better off being forgotten. But kudos (and apologies) to the following that had witnessed this film: Hoby Abernathy, Matt Dean, Billy Nocera, Gavin Schmitt, Wayne Teeter, and Will Wilson.
    So for this one, let's go with something maybe a little bit more fun. Take a peek and then click HERE to send in your answer. Just don't stare too long or you might end up looking like the character from this shot.

    With all the events we have going on these last few weeks (and weeks to come), it almost feels like October. And of course, with it snowing now here in Chicago, it could be. We had ever intention of getting this update done yesterday, but just didn't happen. But just a day here it is.
    Saturday was a bittersweet day for us when we attended the Sci-Fi Spectacular at the Patio Theater in Chicago. We had been to this place a few times in the past year or so, but this would probably be the last since a couple of days ago, the news came out that it would be closing near the end of the month. Really a damn shame because it is a great looking theater and so sad to see these older ones fall by the way side.
    So it while it was sad to know this might be the last event there that we attend, it was great to see a nice crowd turn out for it, not to mention just having a great time there. One of the main reasons I was excited for this show was the chance to see GODZILLA VS KING KONG on the big screen. There is something about seeing this kind of films in that format, screened from a beautiful 35mm print, that just turns back time and makes you feel like a 10-year old kid again at the Saturday matinee. It was just incredible and so much fun. Also, while we've seen it a few times, seeing the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD on the big screen is just great. Yeah, the film print wasn't the greatest, but seeing this classic on the way that it was meant to be screen still shows how much of an impact the film has had on the genre.
    Of course, getting the chance to see our buddy Doug Jones once again is always a treat. And when I say, "our buddy" it is because Jones treats every single person that comes up to him like a dear friend. Such a special person and so much fun to see and talk to, even for only a few minutes. We also had a great little conversation with Kyra Schon about JAWS, which happens to be her favorite movie.
    But honestly, the best part of these events is being able to see our other friends in the local horror community that comes out to not only support these events but just hang out, talk about movies, and have a good time. Always a treat when we get to do that.
    We hope that this won't be the last time we go to the Patio and wish them all the best in continuing on.

    Unfortunately we have two people that we have lost in the recent weeks that have made some special contributions to the horror genre, both through the written word. The first one was Everett De Roche, who passed away on April 2nd, after battling cancer for the last few years. De Roche was screenwriter who was one of the key people in bringing Ozploitation (Australian films) to be known what it is today. Writing such films as LONG WEEKEND, PATRICK, ROADGAMES, RAZORBACK, plus many more, he helped bring the country's movie industry to a higher level. According to producer Anthony I. Ginnane, he called De Roche's films "ground-breaking Australian genre titles that have never been equaled in my view." But like a lot of screenwriters, their credit doesn't seem to be as apparent as it should.
    Another death was that of Phil Hardy, who passed away on the 8th. Now Hardy wasn't a filmmaker but a journalist. In fact, he was mainly known for writing about the music industry than movies. But in he edited a film book, one of a series, that covered more horror movies than any other book at the time. It was originally titled The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror, published in 1984, was later published in the US under the title Encyclopedia of Horror movies, and later the updated version in 1993, under the title The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: Horror. As a growing horror film fan in the early '80s, this book was an amazing gateway to new movies and filmmakers that I had never heard about. This book seemed to cover it all, with films from all over the country and throughout time, starting at the late 1800's going through each decade to the present. At that time, this was my main go-to film guides when trying to find out more about a film. So many of the photos in this book were burned into my psyche from paging through it so many times. So because of Hardy's work on this book, I have him to thank for helping me discover so many wonderful movies over the years, a debt that could never be paid back properly, other than trying to continue that process by helping other fans do the same.


    We did make it through the Wasteland, for the 25th time. Still amazes me that this show has been around that long, but also (and more importantly) that it still hasn't changed and continues to be one of our favorite shows. With one of the best dealer rooms around, as well as so many great friends (both old and new) to hang out with and talk about the genre that we love so much, this show is always a good time. We had plenty of them at this show. We had a few of the Hidden Horror contributors there, as well as a good chunk of the people responsible for unleashing Evilspeak magazine unto the world (see photo below). And we're only just getting started!
    If you still haven't made it out to one of the Wasteland shows, you really need to come out and see what it is all about. And this October is a perfect time for it. With some of the lovely ladies from Hammer, to a demon woman and zombie girl, and much, much more, it will be another great time as usual. Hope to see you there in the fall.

    The next show in our Kryptic World Tour will be Motor City Nightmares, which takes place April 25th-27th. Last year was our first time there and we had such a blast that we are going to do it all over again. They have quite a big guest lineup this year, so we're looking forward to the big crowds that we witnessed last year.
    We will, of course, have copies of both Hidden Horror as well as a few copies of Evilspeak at our table. So if you haven't picked up both of them yet and will be at the show, make sure you stop by our table. We will also have our usual supply of horror reference books to keep your mind occupied while giving you new movie titles to seek out!
    For all the information about the show, just click HERE.

    Fans of Fulci and composer Fabio Frizzi will be thrilled to hear of this new release of Frizzi's score of CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD. This latest release from Beat Records has quite a few bonus tracks and was mastered by Enrico De Gemini and supervised by Frizzi himself. It also contains a 16-page booklet with liner notes from Frizzi, Stephen Thrower, Fabio Babini and artist Graham Humpreys. You can pre-order the disc now for $19.95 from Screen Archives Entertainment by clicking HERE.

    I have posted our reviews for two new soundtracks that have just come out. The first one is for OCULUS from the Newton Brothers, and the second one is for SOMETHING WICKED by Kyle Newmaster. Head over to our Soundtrack Review section to read more.

    The fine folks at the Chicago Cinema Society are hosting the Chicago premiere of this new Italian horror film entitled ACROSS THE RIVER, that was directed, edited and co-written by Lorenzo Bianchini. Click HERE to check out the trailer for what looks like to be a very creepy film.
    The screening takes place on Saturday, June 7th at 8pm at the Chicago Filmmakers, located at 5243 N. Clark St., Chicago. Tickets will be $7 at the door. Click HERE to get the Facebook Event Page. You need to come out to this for two reasons. First of all, and the most obvious one, so you can check out this new Italian horror film. But the second one, which really is more important, is because is shows support of people like the Chicago Cinema Society and others like it, that strive and work very hard to bring these opportunities to fellow film fans. So it is important that we come out and show our support.

    Okay Chicago...who likes Hammer? Who would like two free passes to an advance screening on the 24th of this month? Just click HERE and fill out the required info to get your two passes. Keep in mind though, seating is first come first serve and the passes do not guarantee you a seat, so you'll need to make sure you get there early. The screening will be at the Showplace ICON Theatre on April 24th, at 7pm.
    Hammer Films is back with their latest chiller, THE QUIET ONES, which is about a professor who uses a young girl for some strange experiments. The girl has a dark secret that just might be revealed during the process. Inspired by a true story, the film is directed by John Poque, and stars Jared Harris, who is always entertaining in his roles (and usually creepy).
    We normally don't promote too many newer horror films, but since this is coming from Hammer Films, we want to make sure they know they still have a following. We've enjoyed what they've put out so far, so we are excited to see them continuing their long tradition of creating films for horror fans.
    You can visit the official site of the movie  by clicking HERE, or the Facebook page by clicking HERE, or their Twitter page HERE.

    The last great Frankenstein movie from Hammer was Terence Fisher's FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL, starring Peter Cushing, Shane Briant, Madeline Smith, and David Prowse as the creature. This is getting a new Blu-ray release in the UK later this month. Other than the Japanese laserdisc back in the day, I'm not sure if there is a release out on DVD that is the same complete version the LD is. I have been searching the web looking for reviews of this new disc and only can find comments like "the longest version available". That doesn't tell me its uncut but just longer than that previous release. I really hope it is uncut since it is a favorite of mine (granted...most the Hammer Frankensteins with Cushing are favorites of mine). But once we get some more definite details, we'll post them here.
    Of course, if it is uncut...that just means I need to start looking for an import Blu-ray player!

    I came across this news piece about a new statue that is being built for Baltimore to honor Edgar Allan Poe. Artist Stefanie Rocknak's design was the one that was picked out of 265 that were submitted from around the world. Not only is the design just incredible, especially with the heart and papers flying out from his case behind him, it is just a treat to see that someone of the likes of Poe is getting the treatment he richly deserves. In a society that doesn't usually highlight figures that weave tales of terror, it is nice to see that someone as great as Poe is able to achieve that ranking.
    The statue will be unveiled this October, on the 5th at 2pm, at the corner of Boylston Street and Charles Street South in Boston, which happens to also be named Edgar Allan Poe Square. I know the next time I travel to Boston, that is one spot I will have to make sure to visit.


    Last week's photo was that of the title character from William Grefe's classic Florida-made monster flick THE DEATH CURSE OF TARTU, being the one and only Doug Hobart underneath the makeup. Hobart also played the Jellyfish creature in Grefe's STING OF DEATH the year before. And it saddens me to announce that we had only received one correct answer for this one, though we did get a few emails wanting to know the answer so they can find the movie! So I guess our little plan works after all! Anyway, the congratulations goes to Will Wilson for correctly naming the movie. Well done!
    Okay...we're going to throw another obscure one out there, for a reason that we'll explain with our next update. So for now, all you can do is take a look at this interesting little screen grab and see what you can come up with. Good're going to need it. Gaze into the abyss, then click HERE to send in your answer.

    Not sure why, but since we've gone to updates every other week, it seems that we've got a ton of stuff that we want to mention. Maybe there was just a lull in the news then, but we've got plenty of stuff this week that we felt the need to mention. So take your time and make sure you go through the whole update. Plenty of items there that might have you going off in another direction, which is fine, just make sure you don't miss anything here.

    Last week was our first show of the 2014 Kryptic World Tour and what a way to start it off. Compared to last year's show, this one was way more organized, fan friendly, and just a great time. Sure, there were still a ton of people paying ridiculous amounts of money for autographs, but what are you going to do. But that aside, 110% improvement over last year. So well done, people!
    This was the convention debut of Hidden Horror, where we have a nice chunk of the contributors there throughout the weekend, hanging out at the table, signing copies of the book for the ones that purchased it. Such a incredible group of (very talented) people, that I am more than proud to be part of this illustrious mob. But I have to say, while it was just amazing all the people that came up to buy a copy, what I was most impressed with the excitement in their eyes, really looking forward to not only reading the book but then also seeking out the movies cover within. Everybody who reads this site on a regular basis knows my feelings towards reference books, but it just thrills me to no end when I see that in other people. So that really was one of the highlights of the weekend. Of course, having a nice conversation with composer Christopher Young, who even came over to our table to purchase a one of the many other reference books we were selling, is pretty high on the list too. We hope to be doing an interview with him at some point in the future.
    So it was a great way to start the year off, and hope the rest of the Kryptic World Tour is as much fun as this one was. Below is one of the many shots we got of some of the contributors that were there. I've listed not only their names, but the film they covered in Hidden Horror. Special shout out and huge thanks to Dan Kiggins and Anna McKibbin for working the Hidden Horror table most of the weekend. You guys rock!

(Left to Right) Myself (ISOLATION), John Pata (PIECES), Kristy Jett (MAY), Aaron Christensen (HABIT), Anna McKibben (THE PHANTOM OF PARADISE),
Dan Kiggins (OLD DARK HOUSE), Denise LoRusso (VIOLENT MIDNIGHT) and Shelly Jarenski (CARNIVAL OF SOULS)

    After barely resting up after HorrorHound last weekend, we will be making our bi-annual trip to Strongsville Ohio for Cinema Wasteland, this being our 25th time doing so. So we plan to do what we've been doing for the last 24 shows, and that is have one hell of a good time, hanging out with tons of like minded horror fiends and friends. Of course, we will not only have copies of Hidden Horror, but at least three other of the contributors will be there at the show: Dave Kosanke, BJ Colangelo, and Kristy Jett. So if you haven't ordered your copy of Hidden Horror yet, then make sure you stop by our table and fix that! And just like we did at HH, any contributor that is there will have a Hidden Horror badge on, so if you do buy the book, you can always pester them to sign it for you.
    Also, will have copies of Evilspeak there as well. Damn proud to be part of this magazine so check it out. Billy and Vanessa Nocera, the brains and publisher behind this epic piece of nostalgia, will be there as well. Not set up, but wandering our the show having a great time, as well as many of the contributors of the first issue as well. So if you're heading out there next week, make sure stop by our table to chat! For all the latest details about the show, just click HERE.

    Do you know Doug Jones? This incredible and amazingly talented man has been added to the Sci-Fi Spectacular that is taking place on April 12th, starting at noon and running to 2am or so. They have an incredible line up, including PAN'S LABYRINTH where you can see Jones creating two beautiful and terrifying characters in one movie. A must see if you haven't already. For all the details, head over to their Facebook page HERE. They have some amazing titles lined up and we are pretty excited about it.
    While we won't have a table there, we may just have a few copies of both Hidden Horror and Evilspeak with us. So if you see us walking around there, feel free to stop us if you're interested in picking up either one. Though, the copies of Evilspeak are going to be very limited. So if you are interested, drop me a line ahead of time so I know can kind of judge how many I might need.

    To make sure you're weekend is full of excitement, the Sunday right after the Sci-Fi Spectacular will be a Hidden Horror author event at the Bucket O' Blood Books and Records in Chicago, from 4pm to 6pm. A few of the contributors will be there hanging out and talking about horror movies. How could it be a bad time, right? So once you stagger out of the Sci-Fi show, go home and grab a few hours of sleep, then head to Bucket O' Blood to continue the fun! Bucket O' Blood is located at 2307 N. Milwaukee. Check out the Facebook events page HERE for all the details.

    The World of Hammer have lost another great and talented beauty. Kate O'Mara, who appeared in Hammer's THE VAMPIRE LOVERS and THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN, as well as the Peter Cushing film CORRUPTION, has passed away at the age of 74 in a nursing home in England after a short illness. While the lovely Ingrid Pitt always had my attention in THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, O'Mara was a close second. Just a beauty, with some amazing eyes. She later would become known for appearing on the TV show Dynasty  here in the states, but even had made a couple of appearances in DR. WHO, battling two different Doctors, as well as continuing to work in the theater.
    But for us fans of Hammer Horror, she will always be remembered and never forgotten for the wonderful work she did in those two films. Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.

    For those of you that were lucky enough to catch Goblin last year when they were touring, you know just how incredible that was. Of course, right in the middle of that tour, Claudio Simonetti left that line up and formed what he is calling Simonetti's Goblin. According to Simonetti on his website, "We donít want to ignore any band that is currently active with a similar name, we simply want to continue spreading the great legacy of Goblinís music in our own way, music that has inspired so many bands and so many generations of musicians over the years." Have to admit, that is pretty classy that he just wants to spread the legacy of the band's music that he's been a part of for many years.
    But none the less, this May, he will be in Chicago with his new lineup and will be scoring a viewing of SUSPIRIA live. Can only imagine how freaking cool this is going to be to watch and hear.  It will happen on Saturday May 3rd, at the Metro. Advance tickets are $27, or $30 at the door. Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm. Click HERE for the info.

    There are certain classic monster movies that just need to be seen on the big screen. The problem is that for a most of us, those films were played years ago, sometimes way before we were born. But that just means that when we have the opportunity to view one of these epics in a real movie theater, then we need to make it happen and go. Not only are you supporting the theater that has decided to play it, but also giving yourself the wonderful experience of seeing these films the way they were meant to be seen. One of these titles is the original GOJIRA (better know as GODZILLA). With it's 60th Anniversary, as well as the new American remake coming this summer, they are releasing the original GOJIRA to selected theaters for a very short time. By clicking HERE, you can find a list of the the theaters in your area that will be hosting a screening. If you have any chance of making of of them, I urge you to do so. It really is an amazing movie and well worth seeing it like it should be.....BIG!

    Continuing our Big G theme, one can not really imagine a scene from a Godzilla movie and not have the famous music going through your head. Composer Ikira Ifukube created one of the most memorable film scores  in history when he created this one, one that is still as strong and as powerful as when it made its debut 60 years ago. Like all great scores, it weaves itself into the film itself attaching to the action that we see on screen.
    While I'm not a big fan of Kickstarter, since everyone seems to have one, this one seems like a great cause to support. Godzilla fans John DeSentis and Chris Oglio are trying to raise $25000 to be able to bring a live concert at this year's G-Fest that will pay tribute to Ifukube and his amazing Kaiu music. They are very close to reaching their goal, but only have less than a week left. By donating as little $25, you will receive a CD recording of this historical performance. So head over to their Kickstarter page HERE, read through it for all the details, then please show support anyway you can. Even if you can't donate a lot, every dollar would help. As well as passing the information along to others that might be able to help as well. Let's make this happen. You can get more information through the Facebook page HERE.

    And for news straight out of nowhere, it seems that a fifth installment in the PHANTASM series is not only going to happen but apparently has already been made, or at least started filming. Hitting the net earlier this week was a trailer and poster art for PHANTASM V: RAVAGER, which seems to bring back just about everyone from the original. It seems that Coscarelli is not the director, but producing the film that he co-wrote with David Hartman, who is the guy that is sitting in the director's chair. Hartman worked with Coscarelli on BUBBA HO-TEP as well as JOHN DIES AT THE END, but seems he has directed a lot of animated projects. Does this mean a lot of CGI going on? Now I love the first two films, and am moderately entertained by the 3rd one. But that 4th one....ugh. So I am very hopeful that this new one will end on a much higher note. We will just have to wait and see.
    But I do have to give Coscarelli and company credit for keeping this news pretty much hush hush for the last few years, since they have obviously been working on it for a little while.

    One of my all-time favorite soundtracks just happens to be from one of my all-time favorite movies: George Romero's CREEPSHOW. The music just fits perfectly with the movie, comic book feel and all. My very first horror convention that I went to, I picked up the soundtrack on LP and it immediately become one of my favorites. John Harrison really created something special here, surrounding the images on the screen with the perfect blend of musical notes and cues. Many years later, when La-La Land Records released it on CD, I was ecstatic and immediately ordered my copy. Well, now they have a newer expanded version of the score being released on CD, featuring many quite a bit of additional music, sound cues and more. According to La-La Land, the score comes from "an all-new limited edition supervised by the composer, re-sequenced in film order, and remixed from original 24 track elements." The extra tracks features "never-before-released and long-sought-after library cues" that were in the movie but never on the soundtrack. It even includes the song "Don't Let Go" that is in the Father's Day segment, meaning you can learn to dance as well as Ed Harris now! This is a limited edition CD of only 3000 units, so if you're even the slightest interested, click HERE to get over to La-La Land Records and pick up your copy before they are gone.

    So the first quart of 2014 comes to an end. And for some reason, there are still quite a few photos of last year's winners that we still haven't received yet. Strange. Must have gotten lost in the email. But one would think that with all the technology out there now, with camera phones and whatnot, that getting a quick pic would be pretty easy. would think. Really hate to send out the troops to get those turned in. You wouldn't want that, would you?

    I may say this with each issue, but if there ever was a magazine that I say is a must buy each and every time, it is Little Shoppe of Horrors. Each issues is just filled with some much information and is always a treat to read. With their new issue hitting the streets this spring, they cover one of Hammer's lesser known titles, THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES. Sure, it might not compare to their classics of the earlier years, but it is still a fun movie to watch. And especially after you get done reading the retrospective in here, I'm sure you're going to want to watch it again.
    For information about the new issue, you can check out their official page HERE, or their Facebook page HERE. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up, as well as any issues that you don't have. Tons of great info within these pages.

    While their April Ghouls Drive-In Monster-Rama is a few weeks away, DVD Drive-In have announced the dates and the films for their September Monster-Rama. And as usual, they have a great lineup of fun and entertaining films. Taking place on Sept. 12th and 13th, they will be screening 8 different features. On Friday, they will having a Mario Bava night, screening PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES, DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE GIRL BOMBS, KILL BABY KILL, and HOUSE OF EXORCISM (the 'modified' version of LISA AND THE DEVIL). Then on Saturday, the titles are TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA, DRACULA A.D. 1972, TROG, and THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED. These are all from 35mm  prints. Details and ads won't start until after their April show, but keep checking DVD Drive-In for the info.

    At the HorrorHound show last weekend, we got to meet and hang out with Kevin...oops, Bryan Martinez from Film Deviant, who is another Chicago area horror journalist, and his buddy Craig Medeiros, and Robert Poole from IndieHorror.TV. One of the best things about these events is getting to hang out with like minded horror fiends and just talking about the genre we love. We were up to the wee hours of the morning talking shop and just loving it. These guys are fellow fans that want nothing more than to help promote the genre and it's movies and really appreciate it for what it is. We really need more people like you guys.

    This 1980 film by Greydon Clark is one of those films that some fans have been dying to see get a DVD release for a long time. And why did I say "some fans"? Because I don't believe it was even released on VHS let alone DVD before, so there are a lot of people that have never even heard of it. But now, thanks to Shout Factory, that will be changing. With an all-star cast that features the likes of Martin Landau, Jack Palance, Cameron Mitchell, and a very young David Caruso (in some very scary yellow shorts), the movie features a very tall alien (with some killer frisbees) played by Kevin Peter Hall, who happened to be the same actor inside the suit in the first PREDATOR movie. This one is definitely getting purchased when it comes out.

    I know we mentioned it last, but wanted to send out that reminder that if you haven't voted yet, now would be the good time. There are a lot of different categories, but you don't have to vote in all of them, just which ever ones you want to. But there's a lot of hard working people out there nominated so give it a good look over and cast your vote.
    Of course, we have to make mention that our book Hidden Horror is nominated for Best Book of 2013 (#11) and myself was nominated for Best Column (#16) for my column in HorrorHound. For all the info, just click HERE.

    With this update, since we've mentioned more than a few things about composers, I thought it would be good to continue this trend and highlight one of our favorite composers this week. If you're a fan of Italian zombies movies, then you know this man's incredible work. So let's get to the classroom to learn more.

    Now this is a funny story. After we posted our last pick, I got a few emails from people stating the shot was from 1962 movie THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE. Of course, they were wrong because it was from the 1956 movie THE BLACK SLEEP, which featured an all-star cast of Basil Rathbone, Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson and even John Carradine. But then, one of our Mystery Photo regulars, Hoby Abernathy, wasn't satisfied when I told him BRAIN was the wrong answer and sends me a clip from the movie. And low and behold, the exact shot that I grabbed from BLACK SLEEP is cut into the BRAIN film. Pretty bizarre that it would be that exact shot that I decided to do a frame grab from.
    So kudos to Mr. Abernathy for pointing this out. And to those that sent in your guess of BRAIN, I have to give you credit as well. I might have deleted some of the emails, so if I don't mention you, I apologize. But to Dahlia Daniels and Mike Shields, as well as Mr. Abernathy, congrats for correctly guessing ONE of the titles this shot was from. Funny thing is...didn't get any guesses of THE BLACK SLEEP. If you haven't seen this little gem, I highly recommend it. Lots of fun, great cast, and some pretty intense surgery footage for the mid '50s.
    But let us get to this week's photo. Hopefully it is only from ONE movie this time! Take a peek, think real hard, then click HERE to send in your answer.


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