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"People get wrapped up in technology and get lost in it. The technology gets in front of the art and storytelling, which is a huge mistake."

- Stan Winston -

    Sorry for the delayed update but I was still recovering yesterday from our annual Halloween party on Saturday. It is a pretty big event and one that takes several weeks of planning and preparations for, but it is always well worth the work and effort that myself, my wife and son put into it. To have a group of your friends and fellow horror fiends come over to help celebrate not only the horror genre, but the fact that we are all so connected because of this genre. Pretty much everyone that attended yesterday, I had met because this genre that we love so much. Either meeting them at conventions, through message boards, or this website, these are the people with the same interests, love and passion for these movies. And because of that, we have become an extended family, not just seeing each other at conventions, but even getting to hang out at other times, and usually just having a blast.
    I guess my point of all of this is that when you have a passion for something, it really can become a way to meet other like-minded people that can share that same interests, which in turns can create not just a friendship, but one that can last for decades. There is nothing better than having someone else you can talk and discuss your passions with, even if it is only through email. That connection is still there and is a wonderful thing. So to all of my friends out there, from ones I've met at conventions over the last 25+ years, to the ones I've met through this website, or any other outlet or medium, I just wanted to say thank you.

    We recently had the chance to see this new documentary on the Spanish horror genre. Click HERE to hear what we thought.

    Yes, there is a remake to the cult film from the '70s, strangely enough from the same director as the above documentary. You can check it out HERE. Definitely looks interesting. Caroline Munro is one of the stars of the film, along with cameos from several actors from some classic Spanish horror films like Lone Fleming (TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD), May Heatherly (PIECES), Antonio Mayans (OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES), Conrado San Martín (THE AWFUL DR. ORLOF), and even has Colin Arthur doing the makeup effects, which he also did on the original film.

    We recently picked up Horror Movie Heroes from Rue Morgue magazine and wanted to take a second to highly commend them on this publication. As you frequent followers of my site know, I really preach about learning the history of the genre, since there is so many great things out there for us fans to still discover, and strive to do that here. Once I started to page through this new book (sort of like a small magazine, but much thicker), I was delighted to see some names listed and getting attention that normally wouldn't be mentioned. Sure, they are a lot of the usual suspects, like Romero, Carpenter, Cronenberg, Hooper, but there are also a few in there that made me give them a nice thumbs up from the Krypt. They have William Girdler in there, who gave us GRIZZLY and DAY OF THE ANIMALS. They have Ray Kellogg in there, who gave us THE GIANT GILA MONSTER and THE KILLER SHREWS. They even have a nice piece on the Cardona family, who have given us three generations of filmmakers, who gave us titles like NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES!
    Sure, some of these only get a page or two, but the fact that they are in there is a great way to open the eyes and ears of newer fans who might not know these names and/or movies. And maybe, just maybe, it might drive them to seek some of these out. And to me, that should be the ultimate goal for any publication, both in print and online, to strive to get their audience to experience more of the genre. So well done, RM.

    In 2002, author John Hamilton put out a book entitled X-cert - The British Independent Horror Film: 1951-1970. The covered some of the smaller films that were not released by the likes of Hammer, Amicus, or others, but titles like PEEPING TOM, or FLESH AND THE FIENDS, or DOCTOR BLOOD'S COFFIN. Now Hamilton is back with a second edition to this series, called X-Cert 2 - The British Independent Horror Film: 1971-1983. Published by Hemlock Books, this one covers titles such as Pete Walker's FRIGHTMARE, TOWER OF EVIL, and Vincent Price's THEATER OF BLOOD. Being a huge fan of the horror films made in Britain, I know I will be adding this edition to our collection as well.
    Hemlock Books have always put out exceptional editions and have always impressed us. While it is not available through them yet, it might be at some point in the future in an American edition through Midnight Marquee Press. I know you can get the first book through them. Just click HERE to find out more about this title, along with quite a few other great ones.

    I've had discussions with some of my friends (much to some of their bewilderment) about how I generally won't pay for than $50 for a movie poster or some other sort of memorabilia, usually because I just don't have the money but mainly because I don't like putting that much money into one item. Simply is just too expensive.
    Now I know I have spoken about my love for horror reference books and continue to add titles to my library. We all know that books can get quite expensive as well, but have also mentioned that the cost for your average book isn't that much when you compare the content to one of the many horror magazines out there. But recently I have ordered a couple of books that went beyond my comfort level when it came to the price. They were two that I thought quite a bit about and at first decided against them because of the price. But then went back and ordered them anyway. Here's the two titles and here's my reasoning.
    The first book is all about the 3 films that featured the title star from THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, called The Creature Chronicles, written by Tom Weaver, David Schecter and Steve Kronenberg, with the introduction by Julie Adams. Now this is published by McFarland which right there tells us the price tag is going to be high. Which it is at $75. You can order it from Amazon for $60, but that is still a bit steep. Now, this is a 408 hardcover edition with close to 300 photos, so we're not talking about some little trade paperback. But the way I was looking at it, if there was ever a time I needed to do some research about any of those movies, this would be the book to go to. Plus, the Dark Delicacies book store in California was having a signing event recently where you could get the book signed by author Schecter, as well as Julie Adams, Rex Reason, and a few more. So I knew that this book would definitely not lose any value while it sat in my collection, not to mention having all that information at my fingertips.
    The second book is one that I've mentioned here a few times: Hammer's Film Legacy by Wayne Kinsey. I have several of Kinsey's other Hammer books and not only are they just exceptional volumes of information, but most of them are hard to find these days without paying 3-4 times the original price. This new book is from the UK and is also a 400+ page hardcover which is a limited edition of 500 copies, and covers Hammer's films from THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT to the DEVIL'S DAUGHTER. The normal retail price for this is £45 (approx. $71) but are having a sale price right now of £35 (approx. $55). The other problem is the shipping cost. The cheapest way to get it here, by using Surface mail, is almost another $30. So you'd basically be looking at around $85. Decisions, decisions. Being the Hammer fan that I am, I knew if I didn't pick this one up, I would regret it. So I ordered it. You can find out more about the book by clicking HERE.
    Honestly, one of the things that pushed my decision in that direction was I know these volumes will never go down in value, most likely increasing by quite a bit. So while I am buying these for practical uses, they really are an investment. But beyond that, I also wanted to make show support to the book publishers. The Hammer book is from Peveril Publishing which is a small press company in the UK. By showing them support and buying this book, it shows that the hard work they are doing is not in vain and that the fans out there are willing to spend the money for what they doing. So yeah, while I'm not thrilled that I paid that kind of money for two books, I know once I have them in my hands, all of that will be forgotten and know they would be very special editions to my library.


    We have posted our review of the score for the new Daniel Radcliff movie, HORNS. Just click here to get to our Soundtrack Reviews.

    The photo from our last update was one of the later Hammer films, CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER. Nice to see a bunch of people sending in the correct answer for this one. Damn shame the movie didn't do better and start another series of films for Hammer. Could have been cool. Kudos to the following that sent in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Cate Cameron, Craig Clark, Kevin Matthews, Raymond Rich, Gavin Schmitt, Mike Shields, Mark Turner, Mike Tutino, Tom White, and Will Wilson. Well done. Always great to see people still showing the love for Hammer films!
    Okay...take a look and see if you can't wrap your head around our latest photo! As always, just click HERE to send me your answer. Good luck.

    This month marks the 16th Anniversary for this little website. Hard to believe that I've been hacking away at this thing for so long. I started this to basically to give myself a soapbox to spout my opinions, views, reviews, rants, and ramblings. And 16 years later, I'm still doing it. But the strange thing is that over the years, a few people actually started following the site. And even stranger, they actually liked what they were seeing/reading! I know I'm only doing updates every other week now, but hopefully you are still getting the same entertainment and info that you are used to when you visit the Krypt, without being bombarded with ads and the same news stories you see at every other website out there. I really strive to be unique in what I do here and really making this site an extension of my demented little mind. And I'm still having fun doing it, so I'm going to keep at it.
    I know I'm doing something right when I get a random email from a reader thanking for putting out a site that is filled with passion. I really do appreciate all of you out there that do continue to stop by the Krypt and hope you continue to do so. I also appreciate all the comments and kind words that I have received over the years. You have no idea how much it means to me. So from the bottom of my blackened heart, I thank you. Here's to another year!

    Are you in the Chicago area and want to get in the mood for this Halloween and maybe get some ideas for some horror films to watch that you might have not have heard of or seen before? Then head over to the Harold Washington Library (400 S. State St. Chicago, IL 60605) tomorrow night at 6pm for the Hidden Horror Author Event! Editor Aaron Christensen, myself, along with several other of the contributors will be there to celebrate all of those Hidden Horrors! We will have copies of the book for sale (which make great Christmas presents...just saying), as well as a few copies of Horror 101, Aaron's first book. The authors will be more than happy to sign your copies as well at the end of the event. Or if you just want to come out and chat about horror movies, we'd love to have you as well. I'm sure if you're looking to increase your To-Watch list for this Halloween season, you will leave with quite a few.
    Click HERE to get all the other details about the event. Hope to see you there.

    Last night, my wife and I headed up north to the McHenry Drive-In for a night of classic horror. They were screening originals from the Universal classics, DRACULA, THE WOLF MAN, and THE MUMMY. Seeing DRACULA on the big screen was the final title in my checklist to see all the Universal monsters on the big screen. Granted, it has taken me a few years, but I finally did it last night. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a ton of people there for this event. To see this many people coming out on a Saturday night to see some films that they could easily see on Netflix or cable made this grumpy old horror fan very happy. Sure, watching the movies at home is great. But taking the time and effort to come to a drive-in to watch these movies on the big screen shows that they understand that it is more than just watching the movies. It is the experience.

    As we reported in our last update, we had just made it through the first of this month's  two 24-hour marathon. Granted at that one we were vending, so I didn't get to catch that many flicks while there. But last weekend, we were at the Massacre at the Portage Theater as a fan, so we got to sit and enjoy the movies this time out. Of course, we had to move several times throughout the event because of idiots that think that it is okay to have a conversation at a normal level during the movie, or get out their phone to do some social networking. I know we're all there to have a good time, but when we are in the theater, we are there to watch movies. You want to chat either online or in person, please move it out to the lobby.
    This marathon had a couple film prints of the titles they were screening, but the sound on two of them weren't that great. During TARGETS (where the color was so faded it almost looked black and white) the audio was so warbled that I had trouble making some of the dialogue out. But once they switched to DVD projection, they were fine. That really does bring up the debate on what kind of format is best? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a nice 35mm print, as long as it looks and sounds good. But if the picture is all red or faded, and/or the sound is messed up, or it's cut (like THE HAUNTED PALACE was) I'd rather have the digital format.
    But all that aside, I did have a good time there. It was great to see a lot of the Chicago horror crowd turn out and got to hang out with some old friends and made a few new ones as well.

    While there are a lot of books out there on zombie movies, with more and more coming out all the time, one of the best ones that we had read was Jamie Russell's Book of the Dead, which FAB Press put out back in 2005. It was a bit pricy, but like all FAB Press books, it was worth every penny. But now, Titan Books has released a "updated and fully revised" version of the book. And even's a bit cheaper than the original version.
    Titan has put out some amazing titles, quite a few of which I have in my own collection, like the wonderful titles they put on Hammer Films, like Hammer Glamour and the Art of Hammer movie posters. So we're looking forward to see how good of job they do on this revised edition. Once we know, we will let you know as usual.

    I have posted our review of Gunnar Hansen's personal account of making "the world's most notorious horror movie". Want to skip the review? Just buy the book. It is that good. Want to read more, then head over to our Reference Library for the full low down.

    I have a couple of new soundtrack reviews this time out. The first one is for Ronen Landa's score for AT THE DEVIL'S DOOR, and the second is Ceiri Torjussen's score for THE CANAL. Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews for all the details.

    I know we still have a week before Halloween is here, but don't forget that our next big celebration is not too far after that. That's right folks, Turkey Day will soon be here. And on that Black Friday, a good number of people will be doing battle over saying an extra few $$, even if it means cutting people off, fighting over the last of an item, or just being an asshole, all in the name of Christmas. But for myself and a few fellow deviants, will be doing what I've been doing for the last 11 years...celebrating some of the finest in cinematic train wrecks. We always suggest everyone holding their own little Turkey Day event as well. Just make sure you don't do it alone. It can be too dangerous, as well as being a lot more fun in bigger numbers. If you need some suggestions, head over to our Turkey Day recap to see what we've endured over the last 11 years.

    So somehow I completely forgot to upload the Mystery Photo in our last update. I guess that is what happens after a 24-hour movie marathon! But this time we made sure the photo is there...actually putting it in there before I started typing this out! Since we don't need to go over the lucky ones that guess correctly on the last one, we can get right to the photo. Take a look at it and see what you can come up with. As usual, just click HERE to send in your answer.
    Thanks to the few of you who did contact me to let me know that I forgot the photo. Granted, it took over a week....

    Yeah...kind of missed our update yesterday. After getting home from a 24-hour movie marathon at about 9am yesterday morning, then getting about 3 hours of sleep...not sure if working on the computer was the greatest idea. We started to try to get it done but the thought of doing anything that took the slightest bit of brain function was not a good thing. But we are rested up now and back at it will full strength. And that was even after having to deal with Comcast earlier in the day. Trust me...the fact that I'm not in jail right now is pretty surprising. But enough about that...let's get to our update.

    We had such a blast this past weekend at the Music Box of Horrors at Chicago's best theater, the Music Box. I've been going to this theater for decades where I have had the opportunities to see some great features over the years. And seeing so many die-hard fans come out to the 10th anniversary of these 24-hour marathons, and to celebrate the genre and some of the best, wild, and craziest titles the horror genre has to offer is always a great time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and picked up a copy of Hidden Horror, as well as some of the other books were were selling. It was great just being there and chatting with the different like-minded fans that were there for the fun.
    I do have to say that one of the highlights for me, besides watching a couple of the flicks while we were set up, were the original paintings from Gorgon Video that were used for the video box art used ago. Years ago when I was a collector of VHS tapes, the artwork on the covers was something that was one of the reasons why I, along with a ton of people that still do, collected these tapes. But to be standing a mere foot away from the actual painting used was just amazing. My favorite of course was the one used for NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES, but they were all just incredible. It is a shame that these artists didn't get more credit for the work they did. For those that weren't able to come out to see them, I've posted pics below.
    Thanks to Dave and the entire Music Box crew for putting on a great event. I know the front lobby of the theater is under construction but it didn't seem to put a damper on any of the moods. I can't wait to see what the theater is going to look like when it is completed. Especially what we could do for next year's marathon. Stay tuned.



    Next weekend, we will be at our 2nd 24-hour marathon of madness. This time at the Portage Theater in Chicago. It has been quite some time since we've been to the Portage so hopefully things are in order there. We won't be vending there, but just going to enjoy the movies. Though honestly, wish they were screening actual 35mm prints instead of DVD projection for most of these titles. But they do have some great titles they will be playing, but am very excited to see Lon Chaney's THE UNKNOWN, which I think is one of Chaney's best. Of course, seeing TWINS OF EVIL would be pretty cool as well, but really don't think I'll make it to 7am to catch that one. We'll see. Below is the list of titles and times.

  • 12:00 PM THE UNKNOWN - with Live Organ

  • 1:00 PM THE HAUNTED PALACE - Starring Vincent Price and Lon Chaney Jr.

  • 2:35 PM TARGETS - Starring Boris Karlofff

  • 4:15 PM TRILOGY OF TERROR - Zuni Fetish Doll and Karen Black

  • 5:40 PM Short Films Block

  • 6:30 PM CHOPPING MALL - with director Jim Wynorski in attendance

  • 8:15 PM DEADLY SPAWN - with director Doug McKeown in attendance


  • 12:00 AM TRICK 'r TREAT


  • 3:20 AM TENBRAE - one of Argento's best

  • 5:15 AM EATEN ALIVE - Early Tobe Hooper

  • 7:00 TWINS OF EVIL - One of Hammer's best!


  • 10:15 AM DAY OF THE DEAD - Romero's zombies!

    Two weeks ago, we were at the 26th show of Cinema Wasteland. It boggles my mind each and every time we go to this show that it not only has last this long, but that it really hasn't changed since that very first show, back in September of 2000. But 14 years later, Pam and Ken Kish still continue to put on the one show that I would go to every single one even if I wasn't a vendor. It is still one of the most down to earth and easy going show that I attend. The guests are approachable and easy to talk to without given the evil eye by their handler. There are plenty of events going on throughout the weekend to keep one busy and entertained.
    Something happened at this show that has happened quite a few times before over the years. I brought in some new blood. It never fails to happen, but after going on and on about how much fun and different this show is, when a friend comes to the show for the first time, they not only see that I have not been exaggerating, but they make the comment that they will be coming back each and every time from then on. This show is like crack...once you get a taste, you will be back.
    For fans of Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD, you might want to start making your plans now since they are doing a 30th Anniversary of Romero's last great zombie film with one hell of a reunion. They have the main cast of Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Joe Pilato, Antone' DiLeo, Gary Klar, John Amplas, as well as Phil Kellams, Howard Sherman, Tom Savini and Taso Stavrakis. That's 10 guests from the movie. Not a bad reunion, huh? Head over to their website for all the details by clicking HERE.

    We all know that I have a strong love for the work of Paul Naschy. Years ago, I had my good friend and unbelievably talented artist friend Putrid design a Naschy design that I was going to get made into a T-shirt. The main reason for that was because that I had already seen any Naschy shirts out there. So I wanted to make sure I changed that, even if only a little bit. Well, the deviant folks over at Evilspeak magazine have created a great looking Naschy T-shirt, giving some love to his film HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE, in some gruesome green and white design. I know I picked mine up at Wasteland right away. Of course, they also have quite a few other killer designs that you might want to add to your collection as well. Head over to HERE to order yours today. Money well spent. And of course, that other holiday is coming up and these would make great gifts for your fellow horror fiends! Just tell them that I sent you.

    We have a new review posted for the new film STONEHEARST ASYLUM, which has a great cast so we are very hopeful about it. If it is good as the score, then I think we'll be very happy. Head over to our Soundtrack section to read our review. We will be having some more soundtrack reviews coming next time as well. Stay tuned.

    I have to give this company credit for releasing some titles that I think always need more attention. Not sure if they really NEED a blu-ray release since they were already on DVD, but if they might be out-of-print, or more importantly, it is getting the fans attention because of it, then that is something to celebrate. Next February, they will be releasing a double feature of BLACULA and its sequel, SCREAM BLACULA SCREAM. Not sure of any extras, but hopefully they will at least be able to score an interview with Pam Grier about her work on the sequel.
    They will also be releasing another double feature disc, this time featuring a killer animal theme. Coming out next summer will be Bert I. Gordon's FOOD OF THE GODS along with FROGS! While FROGS is fun at best, anytime that Mr. B.I.G. gets some love, I'm all for that.

    Just in time for Halloween, editor Aaron Christensen and myself will be at the Harold Washington Library (400 S. State St. Chicago) to celebrate all the Hidden Horrors out there. There will be several other of the contributors of the book attending the event as well. So if you by chance don't have your copy yet you will be able to purchase one there. Or even if you just want to sit with other like-minded horror fans and discuss some of the wonderful films out there. We'd love to have you come out and joining the fun.
    For more information, click HERE.

    I know there are a lot of fans of horror movies out there that are just that, fans. They just like watching some scary movies every now and then and that's it. Nothing wrong with that. But for those out there that have a stronger passion for the genre, ones that might be considered a little obsessive, I have this simple requests for you: Never stop. Never stop seeking out movies you haven't seen, especially older ones. Never stop learning about the people that made them, whether it be the directors, actors, makeup people, art director, or whoever. Or simply put, never stop learning.
    Why? Simple. Because it makes you a better and more knowledgeable movie fan. The more you know and see, the better understanding you have of the movies and the genre itself. Trust me, I am not expert on the genre. The only thing I have going over the next guy is maybe that I've been doing it longer. And there is still a ton more I need and will learn about this massive collection of flick flicks before all is said and done. And I still probably won't even get close to knowing it all. That is the beauty of the genre. So all I can do is hope that there are more and more people like me that have that yearning to learn more. And every time I am at a convention, film screening, or even kind of genre related event, I usually talk to meet and talk to someone that shows me that there are plenty of us out there. So just keep it up and make me, and all the other students of the genre proud.

    Our last photo was from the last film from British director Pete Walker, HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS. That is poor Sheila Keith meeting a nasty end in the film. Or did she? While not up to the usual standards of Walker's films, it does have an amazing cast that is well worth the watch, if only just for that. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Erik Martin and AJ Wagar. Nice job, guys.
    Okay folks, here is our photo for this update. See who of you out there might recognize this shot. I'm sure there's a few of you. Let's hear it. Just
click HERE to send in your answer.

9-28-14  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY
    As our favorite time of year rolls in like the early morning fog (before that Christmas holiday takes over completely), with plenty of events to keep us busy, we have to remember to make sure you enjoy it. I know for me, we have so many things going on that there are times when we just seem so busy that we don't take the time to really enjoy it. With the last of our cons coming to an end, 2 different 24-hour movie marathons coming up, plus much more, October is going to seem to fly by. But we wouldn't want it any other way.
    So make sure you enjoy these events, even if it is just sitting in front of the TV watching a movie...hopefully with some other like-minded friends. To me, that is the best way to enjoy this holiday season, or any time of the month...celebrate our love and our passion of the horror genre with friends. It makes it so much more fun and enjoyable.
    Hope to see you next weekend at Cinema Wasteland!

    On September 6th, Jacinto Molina (aka Paul Naschy) would have turned 80 years old. Since his passing in 2009, his popularity has not falter in the slightest, but seems to have grown. Though we Naschy fans still have a lot of work ahead of us because there are still plenty of horror fans out there that have not discovered his incredible work in the fantastic cinema. One of the best websites out there promoting not only Naschy and his work, but all of the Spanish horror film genre is Spanish Horror. This last month, they had been running a month long tribute to Naschy, with one of the contributors winning a copy of the incredible book MUCHAS GRACIAS SEÑOR LOBO. We totally spaced this out and didn't contribute ourselves, but there are plenty of great articles and essays posted there that are well worth your time. So check them out. As well as maybe making it a point to celebrating Naschy's 80th birthday by sitting down with one or two of his movies. Lucky for us, there are quite of few of his that are available on DVD and even some on blu-ray. No better way to celebrate this man and paying tribute to him then by keeping his memory alive.
    We still have our page of Naschy tribute from a Blogathon that happened back in 2010, where we talk about some of favorite Naschy flicks and some other interesting points. You can read that by clicking HERE. Of course, the other more recent tribute that I did accomplish was getting a new tattoo, one that I hadn't originally planned, but after seeing the artwork by Steve Bejma, I knew it was going to be my next piece. As you can see in the photo, I think it came out pretty good. Thanks to Steve from Mark of Excellence for transferring Bejma's work to my skin. I wear it with pride.

    While on the subject of Spanish Horror, the film WAX, starring Spanish icon Jack Taylor, will be premiere at in time for Halloween. It will also be released on DVD in December. This was the first feature film by Victor Matellano (who had previously directed the documentary CLAWING on Spanish the horror genre).

    Dr. AC has a new project that needs your help. We are working on new book of trivia questions and are looking to the experts out there to help us compile a bunch of fun and mind bending questions. AC's idea is to have four different levels of difficulty, such a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and then finally Senior. So we'd be looking for the whole range from easier ones to the real head-scratchers, from the more common titles like EVIL DEAD or THE EXORCIST to the more obscure titles like ALUCARDA or VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS, to give the readers a wide range of questions. And since I'm sure a lot of us will be watching their fare share of horror flicks this next month, this would be the perfect time to have a little notepad by you while watching them, jotting down a question or two while your watching.
    If you feel like helping out, just send your questions and answers to HERE (

    Last weekend, we attended the From Dusk To Dawn show at the Midway Drive-In in Dixon and just had a blast. Sure, we were bothered with a little bit of rain that made us breakdown our table sooner than we expected, but still a lot of fun. Had a great time chatting with a bunch of like minded horror fans, all coming out to see some classics on the big screen. Speaking of which...WOW did those films look amazing. Seeing PHANTASM on the big screen like that was just incredible. Not to mention DAWN OF THE DEAD and TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE as well. So thanks to Mike and Mia Kerz for continuing to keep the drive-in experience alive! You really owe it to yourself to come out and support places like this. It really is a special kind of time and is always a lot of fun.
    If you're in the Indianapolis area, the Skyline Drive-in in Shelbyville is doing their Skyline Scares series all next month, which includes some incredible classics there, which would be awesome to been on the big screen. Below is what they are screening on what dates, but you can get all the information HERE.

  • Oct. 10th & 11th - TCM (1974), DELIVERENCE (1972), EATEN ALIVE (1977)

  • Oct. 17th & 18th - THE EXORCIST (1973), CREEPSHOW (1982), THE BOOGEY MAN (1980)

  • Oct. 24th & 25th - FRANKENSTEIN (1931), FREAKS (1932), SPIDER BABY (1967)

  • Oct. 31st & Nov. 1st - THE EVIL DEAD (1981), NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968), CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980)

    Okay Hammer fans, time to order your copy of the latest issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors that will be coming out next month. Issue #33 will cover the making of DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS. Just like with each of their issues, it will be filled to the brim with tons of information about the movie, the studio and all the people involved. This issue, along with every other issue that LSoH has released is a must for anybody seeking information and reference about Hammer Films. Click HERE to get to their website where you can get ordering details.

    We've been a fan of BearManor Media's books for some time, with several of their titles in our collection. For a fan of movie reference books, they have a huge selection of great titles. What is even more impressive is that they subject matter on some of their books. They cover a lot of obscure and not-so-well-known figures in movies that they feel need more attention. And I can't agree more. People like Richard Gordon, Robert Lippert, and quite a few others. Of course, they also put out titles on some names a little bit more recognizable, like Dario Argento. Just take a few minutes browsing through their catalog and I'm sure you'll find something that you'd want to add to your collection.
    But now, to help you save even more money, they are offering a Book Club for their fans. With an annual fee of $25, you will receive 25% off of all of their titles, and 10% off their titles.
    For all the info, just click HERE.

    In case you had missed out on getting a hardcover copy of Stephen Thrower's amazing book Nightmare USA, FAB Press has re-issued it once again in hardcover format. This is one massive tome that features some unbelievable in-depth coverage on some obscure titles in the horror genre, featuring interviews, rare poster art and behind-the-scene footage and much more. This not a book that you can knock out in a weekend, but one that will not only open up a treasure trove of information to you, but also will probably introduce you to some fun and cheesy flicks.
    Click HERE for more info. This very well could be the last time this could be in print in an hardcover edition. So yeah, the postage might be a bit steep, this book really worth the money.

    In our lesson today, you'll learn a little bit about the man Time Magazine called "The Quickie King". Head over to the Classroom to find out who this was?

    Our last photo was from a little movie called VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED. No, not the Carpenter one, but the original 1960's version starring George Sanders and Barbara Shelley, which still remains a classic. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Dave Friedman, Erik Martin, Raymond Rich, and William Wilson. Well done!
    Now onto our latest Photo. Don't stare too long at the photo or your own eyes might just pop out like this person's! Just click HERE to send in your answer. And as always, good luck!

9-14-14  OUR SEASON IS HERE...
    After that heated summer, I'm thrilled for this time of year. The temps drop, we get to break out our favorite horror hoodies, the stores have already been busting out the Halloween goodies, and its the perfect time to sit down and watch some of our favorite fright flicks. Sure, this time of year gets pretty busy for us here at the Krypt, but we wouldn't want it any other way. This is the time of year where we almost seem normal amongst the rest of the population, which I'm sure feel the same way. Damn shame it couldn't be like this every day.
    So make sure you enjoy this time of year when you can. I know we tend to have so many things going on that we are just to busy, but that is exactly when you need to make sure you take the time to stop and enjoy it. Take a break and watch a movie. Read some of your favorite book. Go for a walk and enjoy the cool brisk fall air. No matter how....ENJOY IT.

    Although admittedly not the biggest James Bond fan, but my first Bond was THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, which featured the villain I've always remembered the most, the gigantic hulk of a man, Jaws, played by Richard Kiel.  While he only made a few appearances in horror films, any time he did, they were memorable. Of course, one of the most famous appearances was back in 1962 on an episode of Twilight Zone, entitled To Serve Man. But he also appeared in EEGAH (1962) HOUSE OF THE DAMNED (1963), THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS (1965), as well as countless other TV appearances. One of my favorites, even though he was completely covered in a costume, was in an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker called The Spanish Moss Murders.
    Kiel was a staple on the convention circuit, appearing any many shows around the country. I had seen him countless times and never heard a bad word about him. He really seemed to enjoy meeting his fans there, and putting those giant hands around the heads of his fans for photos. So we were sadden to hear of his recent passing. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

    We made it through our trip to Indy for the HorrorHound weekend where we had a blast. We were able to put a copy of Hidden Horror in the hands of quite a few people over the weekend, which is always a great thing. We also had several great conversations with different fans throughout the weekend, both new friends as well as our old ones, so thrilled to hear from other passionate fans out there. That really is the highlight of these shows. Honestly, there could have been no guests at this show and it wouldn't have changed my enjoyment from the weekend. More and more for me, shows in general are less and less about the guests and more about the fellow fans. Though, I do have to admit having huge smile on my face when John Jarrett walked by me Saturday morning before show opened, and replied to my "Good Morning" with the stereotypical "G'Day, Mate!"
    Didn't spend a lot of money there, even though there were several dealers tempting me with their merch. But I did pick up another print from the amazingly talented Daniel Horne. A few years ago, I got the print of Dr. Phibes print from him, which has been hanging in my movie room since then. So this year I went over to see what other ones he had. But the minute I got there, I knew what I was going to get, even before looking through his other prints. Laid out on his table was that of the creature and the Bride from THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Such a heart-wrenching and memorable scene from this movie, I knew I had to have it. Can't wait to get that one framed.
    So we did have a great weekend, getting to hang out with a ton of our friends, chatting with our dealer neighbors Billy and Vanessa from Razorback and Evilspeak, continuing our plans for world domination! Of course, what would be a trip to Indy without making our annual pilgrimage to Jockamos Pizza. And as always, it was epic. See you there next year.

    While we were at the HH Show, we had the opportunity to be part of the Night of the Living Podcast and HorrorHound Radio show. It is now posted HERE where you can not only hear me ramble on a bit, but also interviews with John Jarrat, Mads Mikkelsen, William Butler, Todd Wieneke from Dark Sky Films, and more. Just click HERE to get to their page where you can download it.

    In less than 3 weeks, we will be making our bi-annual trip out to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show for their 26th show! This is the 15th year they've been holding this shows and it still remains my favorite one out of all the ones that we attend each year. It really is like no other show and one that we look forward to twice a year. This will be our last convention in the 2014 Kryptic World Tour, even though we will be set up at the Music Box of Horrors later on in October.
    But the Wasteland folks have yet another great show in store for us, with 3 lovely ladies who were part of the reason the term Hammer Glamour was created: Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro, and Martine Beswick. For me, they would be reason enough to come out to the show. Actually, this is the show that could have no guests at all and I'd still come out for it, so this is just a bonus! But they also have a few other lovely ladies that made impact in the horror genre, such as Geretta Geretta who didn't fare two well in Lamberto Bava's DEMONS or Bruno Mattei's RATS NIGHT OF TERROR for that matter either, along with Patty Mullen from FRANKENHOOKER, Kyra Schon from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and Mink Stole from a slew of John Waters films. And let's not forget about Greydon Clark who's name is attached to many cult films, both as an actor, director, and more. Thankfully his cult film WITHOUT WARNING has recently been released for the first time so now fans can see how fun this movie is.
    So make your plans to head out to Strongsville on the first weekend of October and come out to join the party of a bunch of crazy film nuts that love to talk about movie titles that most people never heard of! If you are coming out, please make sure you stop by our table and say hello.

    Big News for those of you that are coming out to the Midway Drive-In next weekend. Not only will we be setting up a vendor table there, but we will also be giving away some free stuff! Well...not exactly free. We're going to have some trivial questions to test your knowledge on the horror genre. But if you're on your A-game, you might just be going home with one of the blu-rays we have (donated by the lovely people at Dark Sky and Severin Films) as well as some posters or whatever else we might have lying around the Krypt. We will have some books out for sale but probably not for long, since once the sun goes down and the moisture in the air picks up, it doesn't do well for printed material. But we will have some pillows and tote bags, and maybe some more goodies.
    The main reason we're doing this is because we want to make sure you enjoy your time at the Midway and the whole drive-in experience. Mike and Mia Kerz work very hard and keeping this place alive and running and we personally can't thank them enough for this, for giving many more people the chance to enjoy something that many of us thought was once lost.
    And just in case you didn't know what was going on next Saturday at the Midway, they are having their annual From Dusk to Dawn show, screening 4 classic movies. First they are screening Don Coscarelli's PHANTASM. Honestly...very excited to see this one. Next up will be Romero's classsic DAWN OF THE DEAD. Then will be TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE. Again, what better place to see films like these then at a drive-in? Finally, the night ends with CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Make sure you get all your food and snacks consumed before that last one starts! For all the details, head over to the Midway's page HERE.
    Hopefully we will see a nice big crowd out there supporting this great American tradition and come out to have a lot of fun. See you there!

    There's been a few titles and news since our last update about the 2 different 24 hour marathons going on in Chicago next month. For the Music Box of Horrors, taking place on Oct. 11th, they posted an announcement on their facebook page recently since they've been having issues with their website. But they stated that they will be screening a new 35mm print of the Swedish silent film THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE, DEAD SNOW 2, Takashi Miike's AUDITION, NIGHTMARE aka NIGHTMARE IN A DAMAGED BRAIN, and Hammer's CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF. They also mentioned John McNaughton as well, so not sure if they will be screening one of his movies, probably not HENRY since the director typically refuses to talk about that film. There is also now no mention of Jim Wynorski, so not sure if he is still a guest or not. Tickets are only $25 through the end of this month, then they go up to $30 until the day of the show, which then will be $35. I believe those prices are a bit cheaper than last year.
    For the Terror in the Aisles, they have added director Doug McKeown and his film DEADLY SPAWN to the lineup. McKeown made his first appearance at I believe the first first Terror in the Aisle show. Anytime fans get a chance to see this great movie on the big screen is definitely a must see. They have also added George Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD and John Carpenter's THE FOG. Tickets for this show are only $20 until today, then $24 until the day of the show, and then they will be $28 at the door. Although, last year, I know they extended the cheaper price, so you never know.
    Either way, no matter which one you go to, or both (like I am) it is great to have these opportunities to see some of these classic films on the big screen like they were meant to be seen. Whether it is Lon Chaney's THE UNKNOWN to Takashi Miike's AUDITION, as a horror fan, you owe it to your self to go.

    We take a look at Abel Korzeniowski's score for the Showtime series PENNY DREADFUL. Head over to our Soundtrack Reviews for the details.

    Are you a fan of Larry Buchanan's work? Ever hear of him? How about THE EYE CREATURES? Or ZONTAR THE THING FROM VENUS? Whether you have or not, Mr. Buchanan is the man responsible for these fine piece of cinema. And author Rob Craig has written a book on him and his films. Head over to our Book Review section to read more about it.

    This lesson we take a look at an actress that might have only made a few genre films, but they are ones we still remembered. Head over to the classroom to find out more.

    I figured that I wouldn't get too many correct answers for our last photo, if we got any at all. And as it turns out, we just got one. The shot is from the film THE NAKED WITCH, the first real genre picture by Larry Buchanan. And the person that got it correct was Alan Tromp, which is pretty funny since the topic of Larry Buchanan is how I first met Mr. Tromp at a Flashback show years ago. For those of you who don't know the works of Buchanan, or more importantly, haven't 'experienced' his work yet, seek them out. But it might be better in numbers and not by yourself.
    Let's get to our currect photo. I'm sure it will be a little easier than that last one. At least, I hope so. Just click HERE to send in your answer. Good luck.

    As much as we tried to get our update done yesterday, it just didn't happen. Honestly, wasn't even sure if we were going to be able unload this update. Spent more than a few hours on the phone with Comcast about our internet service not working properly. But it is working enough to get by...barely.
    It also has been a busy 3-day weekend, from spending Saturday evening at the McHenry Drive-in watching some great flicks while eating (expensive) chocolate covered bacon, to trying to finish up some writing projects that are looming over me. But I wouldn't want it any other way. The Halloween season has already started, with some stores already having their displays out last month. Granted, they'll be removed before the end of this month so they can make way for Christmas stuff....ugh. Anyway, here's to the next two months of fright-filled fun and horror!

    If you're coming to the HorrorHound show next weekend in Indianapolis, make sure you stop by our table, where you find our usually display of horror film reference books that you should be adding to your collection. Or if you just want to stop by and say hello or talk about movies then that is okay too! The show has a wide range of names for this event so hopefully we will see a good turn out. Looking forward to seeing our friends from that area and enjoying those late night/early morning movie discussions! Going to be a great time!

    Followers of this site know my distain for the way that conventions have been changing over the last couple of decades, where they really have become about celebrities making money off the same fans that have supported their careers, as opposed to celebrating this wonderful genre and the people that have contributed to it. And this is no way towards the conventions themselves or the people that bust their ass to make them happen. I can only imagine having to deal with some of these elitist celebs that want to be treated like the gods they think they are. I'm sure their managers and handlers are even worse. And I know they do their best to make it a good time for the fans. So I'm not bitching about them. It starts with the guests. I've complained before about certain names that are considered "guests" as a show, when their only real contribution to the genre was being a zombie on screen for 15 seconds, which apparently then makes it okay for them to charge $20 for an autograph. But then again, the second problem are the fans. If the fans line up and hand over their money. So who is really at fault here?
    Recently, I read a great piece on this by John Squires called Horror Convention Culture: It Ain't What It Used To Be (click HERE to read the full article) and he brings up so many valid points, especially the one that we quoted at the top of this page. But he mentioned something that made a little part of me die inside, something that I really do think that this is the final straw for conventions. We all know what the popularity of that zombie series on AMC has done to conventions, even starting up a con to pretty much celebrate the show itself, Walker Stalker, where anybody and everyone related to that show now can be a guest and demand $20+ for an autograph. But for their show in Atlanta, the show has announced that Anniston and Tinsley Price, who play the baby Judith Grimes on the show, will now be guests at the show. These are 2-year old children, people! But I'm sure there will be fans lined up to give their parents money to have their photo taken with them or whatever else their going to do to exploit it.
    Younger generation of fans think us older ones are just bitter about the way the shows are run these days. And they're right. Because they don't remember when the shows were not about the celebrities making money off the fans. It really did use to be about fans getting together to celebrate these wonderful movies and the only "paying" that was being done was in tribute by the fans to the people that were responsible for it. Now since anybody can be a guest and ask their fans to pay for it, and the cattle just line up to do it, this really is the turning point for these shows. And that, my friends, is very depressing.

    The final lineup has been announced for the From Dusk To Dawn show at the Midway Drive-in on Sept. 20th. It will be PHANTASM, (1979), DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978), THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (1974) and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980). There will also be classic horror trailers, vintage concession ads (one of my favorite parts of these shows), and much more. Tickets are only $12 for adults. Not a bad price for getting to see 4 classic horror films on the big screen, especially at a drive-in. For all the info, check out their Facebook page HERE or the Midway's site HERE.
    And if you're saying to yourself, "But I've seen these movies before...why do I need to drive all the way out to Dixon to see them again?"  Easy. Because seeing some of these classic movies outside on a huge drive-in screen, while eating popcorn, or maybe a cheeseburger, or even a corndog or two, being around a ton of other like minded movie fans, it really just reason enough. Thanks to people like Mike and Mia who have been working hard to keep one of these dying institutions open for people to still enjoy and remember what it was like when we were kids. I have been to the Midway several times since they took it over and have always had a blast. From the vintage trailer and ads, the community of film lovers, it is just a fun and simple time. So make sure make plans to make it out there for this event. It will be worth it.

    Since 2005, Chicago has had a 24-hour movie marathon at the Music Box Theatre, and we've been to everyone one of them. Then in 2012, some of the creative minds behind the marathons separated and now Chicago got TWO 24-hour marathons. One is still held at the Music Box, now called The Music Box of Horrors, and the other is just called The Massacre and has been at a couple of different theaters. This year, it is going to be held at the newly re-opened Portage Theater. First reports I read about the Portage was that it still needed a LOT of work, so hopefully they will have all of that done by the time the marathon takes place.
    I will say that I've been to all of these 24-hour marathons over the last 10 years and they really are an endurance test. But they are a lot of fun, giving the fans a chance to see some great movies on the big screen, not to mentioning opening their eyes to some great cinema that they might not have sought out before.
    The Music Box of Horrors will take place on October 11th, going from noon on Saturday to noon the following day. The only thing they've really announced so far is that director Jim Wynorski is scheduled to be a guest, but one could assume they will be screening one of his movies. They don't have any details up yet on their website, but once they do, it will be listed HERE somewhere.
    Then the following weekend at the Portage will be the Massacre, starting from noon on Saturday the 18th to noon on the 19th, taking place at the Portage Theater that we mentioned earlier. But they have listed a few of the titles they will be screening that are listed below. Have also announced their first guest, strangely enough is Jim Wynorski! I guess he's in Chicago for a whole week. They do have some great titles announced, but honestly I am very excited to see Lon Chaney Sr.'s THE UNKNOWN on the big screen. Such an incredible picture. Check out their Facebook Events page HERE for all the details.

  • THE UNKNOWN - An incredible moving performance by Lon Chaney Sr.

  • BLACK CHRISTMAS - Early Bob Clark stalker film

  • TARGETS - One of Karloff's last roles and one of his best

  • CHOPPING MALL - With director Jim Wynorsky in Person!


  • TENEBRAE - One of Argento's best giallos

  • EATEN ALIVE - Early Tobe Hooper

    If you're in the Columbus area and can't make it to Chicago for their marathons, then make your plans to hit the Drexel Theater on the 18th for their annual 24-hour marathon. For their films, they have INVISIBLE MAN, WICKER MAN, THE SHINING, THE MANITOU, YOU'RE NEXT, TEXAS CHAIN SAW and more. For all of their details, just click HERE.

    Okay fellow book collectors, listen up. Remember the last time you tried to pick up a copy of Stephen Thrower's Nightmare USA or even worse, his Fulci book Beyond Terror, and almost fainted at what the prices are these days? Well, Mr. Thrower has a new book coming out in a couple of months on the amazing career (yes, I said amazing) of Jess Franco, entitled Murderous Passions: The Delirious Cinema of Jesus Franco - Vol. 1: 1959 - 1974. Strange Attraction Press is releasing it in November, in a hardcover edition that is 336 pages, with a retail price now of about $30.00.
    Now...not the biggest fan of Franco? At least not now. But some day you may realize the fascinated career this man has had and want to know more. And if this follows most of Thrower's other books, it is going to be a hard one to come by without paying a hefty price. So you should solve that problem now and just pre-order it. Just click HERE to get to Amazon and place your order now. You might have to add something else to make sure get the free shipping, but I'm sure you could find something to add to your cart.

    We picked up this new book on Argento by Derek Botelho. We'd been chatting few a while about this upcoming book and new when it came out it was going to have to be in my collection. So head over to our Book Review section to read our thoughts.

    We have a bunch of reviews we still need to get through, but we do have a couple for now. Head over to our Soundtrack Review section to hear what we think of Frederik Weidmann's score for the new movie THE DAMNED. We also take a listen to the first two volumes Brian Reitzell's score for Season 1 of the TV show HANNIBAL.

    One of the great things about being a movie fan in this day and age is that so many movies are accessible to the fans, sometimes by just a few keystrokes. Movies that we used to have to search years and years for, now can get quickly found and watched, appeasing that cinephile's need. But the problem that I've found is that because there are SO many titles out there coming at the horror fan, from every direction, some times movies can get lost and/or buried. So here's what I'd like you to do the next time you have a free minute. Think of a movie that you had seen, doesn't have to be recently either. Maybe an old black and white movie from the '40s, a Hammer film from the '60s, it really doesn't matter. But what I'd like you to do is do a little research on that particular movie, more so who was involved in it. Then check out some of the other films that say the director did, maybe even doing through his filmography and making a checklist. I'm sure that person might have had a few good movies under their belt.
    Since there are so many titles floating around out there, a good student of the genre should never be looking for something to watch. Granted, decided on WHAT to watch...that can be a whole different discussion!   

    Our last photo was from Bert I. Gordon's later films, NECROMANCY, also known as THE WITCHING. Starring Orson Wells, as well as one of my favorite actresses of that era, Pamela Franklin. Sure, this might not be one of Gordon's or Franklin's best movies, but it is an interesting one at least. Kudos out to the following for sending in the correct answer: Mike Shields, Lisa Steward, and Tom White.
    So let's get to this week's photo and see what you can come up with. Really might need to get on your thinking caps for this one. Or maybe, just maybe it's not as hard as you think. Or is it?  Just click HERE to send in your answer. Good luck.


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